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All Services are based on Mini Horses, Donkeys, Standard Donkeys, Ponies and Average Sized Horses. Warmbloods, Draft Horses and Mammoth Donkey Crosses may assess an additional fee. Please Contact me for a Quote. 
**Distances over 60 miles may be assessed a mileage fee**


Online Learning

Do you want to reach goals with your horses, but aren't sure where to start?? In the hoof industry our favorite saying is no hoof, no horse!


 Check out these super helpful courses to gain understanding of our horses' hooves and their unique needs!


Maintenance Hoof Trimming:: $65.00

Trims done on a 6 week schedule to maintain balance, build strength and improve the health of the hooves.


Setup/Corrective Trimming:: $85.00

When trimming or corrective work needs to be done to hooves that have not been kept on a schedule. This will set the hoof up for health and healing when kept on a maintenance schedule.


Corrective Founder Trimming:: $120.00 

Corrective hoof care is a must for the foundered horse. Our goal in horse trimming is to stop additional rotation or sinking of the coffin bone and de-rotate the coffin bone while re-gaining proper alignment within the hoof capsule. 


Corrective Composite Shoeing:: Starting at $150.00

Corrective shoeing (composites, glue-ons, boots) may be needed for horses with thin soles, laminitis, chronic abscessing or weak heels until the hoof regains a healthy form.

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Therapeutic Treatments:: $20.00

Therapeutic Treatments for Thrush Care, Whiteline Disease and Weak, Cracking Hoof Walls or Thin Soles.


Therapy Boot Fit:: Enquire for Pricing

Composite materials are now used in boots and shoes to provide comfort for the horse during therapy, rehab and riding. I can measure and fit the horse for boots at your next appointment, or I can walk you through sending photos and measurements to order the right boots for your horse and their specific needs.

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