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Lacelynn, AKA "Lace" "Lacey"

I started The Barefoot Horse in the fall of 2014 after graduating from the University of Illinois and sidelining my thoughts of being a veterinarian. I had no idea at that time what it would lead to! I thought I was just trimming my own horse. A decade later, I am helping owners learn even more about their horses and reaching their goals with their own two hands. This is my favorite!!

I am passionate about education and busting down the walls of fear. I had so many fears of my own when I started trimming my own horse. I had doubts, I second guessed myself, I even thought, "boy this would be easier if I could just hire someone!" I kept learning though, and 8 years later I am still learning. I think that we never truly stop learning with horses.


My personal horse has his own story- somewhat tragic, but with an ultimate rehab comeback in which I had to be on the sidelines. Sitting on my hands so to speak and really listening to him has taught me the most on this journey.

My other hobbies include gardening, canning, baking and cooking, basket weaving, archery and most recently rebuilding a vintage camper and exploring the wild, wild west!



We sign up for a trade that will beat us down, cripple us, push us to our limits, make us suffer through extreme cold and heat, put up with rank horses because we know deep down it's not actually their fault, continually fix the same problem day after day, trim after trim, and hope that we are doing right by the horse.

We forsake our own physical limitations and keep pushing. Our drive is what saves us, sets us apart and also, sometimes what breaks us.

I've never met a tougher group of people with deeper hearts for the work they do. We continually learn, adapt and change to be the best and yet we don't ask for much. We just do our job. Sometimes it's thankless. Sometimes it's not worth the money. Sometimes we may want to quit, but we get up the next day and keep going.

I know old cowboys that take bute for their aches and pains, have been kicked, stomped, sent flying, sustained serious injuries and still come back for more. I myself have sustained injuries and repetitive motion arthritis to my elbows and joints in my hands, but I keep going, because it's what I love.

Some days are really good, and some days your heart breaks for the horse being put down that we tried so hard to fix, that we've worked on for years, that goes before their time.

It's an emotional, extremely physical artform that no one would understand until you put your heart and soul into some nippers, a knife and a rasp. 


"All Shapes, Sizes & Breeds Welcome"

I have worked on everything from the smallest of minis with hooves no bigger than a quarter, to 18 hand draft horses. I love helping all equines and getting them back to health, especially their hooves. I have worked on arthritic, older horses who need a gentle hand, and those who have fears from previous bad experiences. I can help you learn exactly what your horse needs.

 I believe all equines can flourish given the right circumstances, training and consistency, coupled with knowledgeable professionals to help guide the way.

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